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Live Casinos – Why Play Them?

In recent times online casino websites have just exploded, so if you have been hearing lots about them it’s not surprising. The entire gambling community has taken too these new exciting live casino games, it brings a whole new dimension to online gambling; it’s exhilarating, live and you are there with real live dealers playing the game. Although this may not appeal to everyone, when tried, most people prefer the live casino alternative!

There are several reasons to use online live casinos, firstly you love playing casino games, but a bricks and mortar casino is just too far away and too much hassle to get to, or you just simply can’t get there as much as you would like; we do live very busy lives in the 21st century! However, when you visit online casino sites all you need are a few spare minutes to enjoy your favorite casino games? And you could even win big! So what if you spent 20 minutes or an hour? Imagine what you could achieve then!

Secondly, a lot of people enjoy live online casinos because they allow them to learn how to play new casino games in a very calm and non-intimidating environment. Imagine what it would be like walking into a busy casino not knowing how to play the games or how the whole system works? It could be a bit embarrassing and probably very overwhelming. That’s why a lot of people start off with online live casinos; they can see how the game is played in a casino, and there’s no need to feel self conscious. Often people end up finding it more comfortable, more convenient, easier and fun playing from their own home, while still having the connection with the real live table!
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Avoiding the delays often found at real casino’s is yet another reason why people like to play from the comfort of their own home, it can be a real hassle, and you end up with far less time playing your favorite casino games. Distractions are yet another issue at the bricks and mortar casinos; these can be disastrous for the game you are playing. When you play online live casino games you don’t have these distractions but you do still have the real time play experience. Overall online live casinos are becoming more and more popular due to their major advantages, so give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Secure Canadian Casinos

Most reputable new casino websites will use their own approach to ensuring that the safety and security of players, their deposits and their winnings doesn’t become compromised. The list of safety and security newest online casinos you can find if you visit this important site. One of the best ways that online casinos use to protect their players is to deploy sophisticated encryption technologies. Some big casino game developers as Microgaming have become well respected and trusted, among other things because of the level of security that they provide. To capitalize on that, most better Canadian casino will use software solution developed by these big names of online gambling. Still, this doesn’t mean that a casino that’s powered by an alternative software is necessarily bad. Still, if you find yourself choosing between two comparable Canadian casino sites who’s main difference is the type of software used, it’s a safe choice to go with the better known one.

When it comes to ensuring and protecting the safety of online Canadian casino players, making sure that financial transactions made by the players are not compromised is of utmost importance. It’s not uncommon for an online casino that has enjoyed a perfect, spotless track record of safety, security and user satisfaction to become shunned by the players in the case that they allow the players transactions to become compromised. One of the safest ways to go is to signup for some of the bigger online casino websites. The big payers become big by making sure that their players and their money is always as sure as it would be in Fort Knox. If you are worried about the safety and security of your money, transactions and personal data, going with the biggest Canadian casino websites is a safe bet.

Speaking of privacy matters, every player wants to be sure that the sensitive data they have entrusted the Canadian casino website with (their social security number, address, access to bank account, to name a few) is safe. One of the methods that reputable Canadian casino websites use in order to enable their players to feel safe are secure passwords and multiple level verification requirements. When used properly, these ensure that even if the player gets his email hacked, the attackers will not get access to the players Canadian casino account.

Best Bonus Online Casino List

A lot of users wonder to themselves whether wagering on online gambling hall is legal. It is related to where you are. The United Kingdom, for instance, is leading for its Casinos Online legalization initiatives. They want gambling to remain secure so that has been the spirit backing their force to modernize the online wagering hall business and make it mainstream. Other places, Antigua for instance, have permitted for a long time internet gambling hall wagering and provided licenses where appropriate. Quebec (Canada), the Philippines as well as others are moving in a similar route.

The situation in the USA remains a little complex. 7 states- Louisiana, Indiana, and Illinois – have approved anti-betting hall gaming legislation whereas many others have presented similar bills. On the federal plane, there continues to be certain advancements. Not any specific legislation has emerged as front-runner and the majority are caught up in the seemingly everlasting political jockeying that has long characterized the on line wagering room betting issue within the United States.

Due to the circumstances inside the United States, several on line betting hall brands don`t accept bets from USA inhabitants. Nonetheless, certain estimates indicate that up to ninety percent of wagering room website participants are in the United States.

Playtech Casinos

This company was built on the dreams of individuals who have the entrepreneur spirit so seated in who they are that their dreams were made possible by the hard work, tireless energy and ceaseless enthusiasm for perfection. On opening its door in 1999, Playtech brought the world a whole new set of standards for the online gamblers to come to expect and demand from online casinos.

We feature best playtech Casinos because we believe in them and their products. The casinos you see here are the cream of the crop and we proudly promote them. These are casinos that we play at ourselves, we trust them and so should you. Online casinos have come a long way in the last ten years and much of this is due to the role that Playtech has played in becoming a leader in online gambling. They are here for the long run and have established some of the finest casinos online.

The games you’ll see at the Playtech Casinos featured here are top of the line. They have outstanding graphics and sound effects so real, it’s almost impossible to tell them from machines you’d find at land based casinos. Each game is specially designed for maximum effect, in looks and in play. They are exciting, entertaining and offer great odds. Something all gamblers look for. Most Playtech Casinos offer a minimum of 60 games, and at some you’ll find more than 80. They are all your favorite casino games that you’ve come to love and look for when choosing an online casino. And, the casinos have a wide variety of new games that you may not have played before. There is something for everyone, no matter your tastes; you can find it at Playtech Casinos.

There are more than 70 casinos to choose from that have been developed by Playtech. As with all the casinos on our site, we do extensive research on each. We see how their games play, we look at the odds and payouts and we check out the customer support. We also keep our ear to the ground, so to speak, and hear what others like you, are saying about the casino. A good reputation is not that hard to earn, but it’s very hard to keep. It takes a lot of hard work, it takes honesty and integrity and commitment. We found all of these and more at the Playtech Casinos that we represent.

A list of mobile casino sites

The industry sure has come a long way since its inception back in the 90s. Many new games have been introduced and many new opportunities to play on different devices have come along. When it first began players are able to wager from their desktop computers and then before you knew it laptops came out and everybody was playing the slot machines and poker on those devices. In today’s world, players can access casino sites through various mobile devices. Cell phones and tablets are being used more and more in homes, airports, bus stations, and other areas. Even though people are generally checking e-mail or conducting some sort of business, more and more people are discovering the ability to play games.


Not every popular online casino is equipped to handle the mobile industry; or the growth that is ensuing. However there are several that will allow you to play either for free or real money. Go right here to find online casinos with super promotions. Many of the regular mobile casino games that you would find anywhere else online or even in an offline can be found on cell phones, typically smart phones, and tablet devices such as the iPad or any android tablet. You will be able to find games to play for fun or for real money just about anywhere. Some of them include any number of slot games, Texas Hold’em and other poker games; and there are even a few that will offer Roulette, Craps, Blackjack. What’s more is that there are many more of these games to come. So keep looking for your favorites.


There are already several casinos that are dedicated solely for the mobile industry. Roller Casino is one such gambling site, or app, that was made specifically with the iPhone and iPad in mind. It boasts incredible graphics and interactive games that are seemingly user friendly. There are 19 games offered here including slots, blackjack, and roulette. This site does require that you deposit at least €25.00 in order to be able to take advantage of their match bonuses that are offered. Perhaps what players love most about Roller is the fact that the minimum withdrawal is only €10.00. Players will usually need to wait around three days in order to obtain their money but if you are utilizing Paypal, Moneybookers, or Neteller they may be able to get their money within 1 to 4 hours.


All Slots has been an online favorite of players for many years now. They offer what some consider to be the best of the best in gambling entertainment online. Their mobile gaming is developed mainly for the iOS systems. If you are the owner of an iPad1, iPad2, iPad3, iPhone 4 or 4s then you will be able to play European Blackjack Gold, Thunderstruck, Tomb Raider, and many other wonderful games. Most of these games are already quite well known to people who have been playing at All Slots for awhile. HTML 5 is responsible for many of these games on the Apple mobile products. But this site doesn’t stop there. They also have games available for Android Air, Web App, and Java. As you can see you will get a great deal of excitement while gambling on any of the devices that are compatible.


It is true that some of the giants are now creating platforms that will allow you to play anywhere on your mobile devices. Bwin has been known in the past as a powerhouse in gambling. They too are now offering you the ability to play some of their fabulous games from your smart phone. Some of the games that you can enjoy are: Captain Parrot, Blackjack, red7, Joker Poker, European Roulette, 3 Card Poker, along with a few others. The mobile version of Bwin will offer returning customers ongoing promotions and bonuses. In the beginning you may not be able to obtain huge bonuses when you sign up and that is because this company prefers to offer more to players to continue to come back. In addition, many of the mobile casinos offer support for different languages and Bwin does the same by offering the ability for players who speak any of the 22 languages that are supported the ability to play.


These are just a few of the mobile casinos that you can play on your smart phone or tablet devices. Those who love gaming absolutely appreciate the idea that they can be anywhere in the world and open their app so that they can play their favorite games. To say that mobile casino gambling could be the norm it in the future is quite possibly a huge understatement. With more smart phone availability and the greater the capabilities of them become, the more people will be able to enjoy everything that this industry has to offer. The evolution of gambling has taken us from vacation gambling, to weekend and evening gambling in our home; and now, to gambling on the road no matter where we are. With the onset of 3G and 4G technologies, comes the additional opportunity to play games regardless of whether or not you are able to connect to wifi.


In addition to a lot of the mobile gambling applications for real money there are also several that offer free play. Zynga is one of those companies that offer any type of mobile game that you can think of. The trick here is to remember that in the beginning you will get a certain amount of free coins, most of the time, after you are done with those you will need to purchase more. The difference is that you cannot win any money. Sure, this doesn’t sound like it is free but as long as you are not winning any money then this type of gaming is not legally considered gambling. It really all depends upon what your preferences are. If you don’t mind playing games even if you don’t get anything out of it then these types of mobile applications may be for you. These companies offer nearly all of the casino games that you would expect to find on pay sites.


Should you be tempted to logon to your casino app on your mobile device, keep in mind that it is important to ensure that you are connected to a safe network. It is a given fact that sometimes even the most secure networks can be infiltrated by people who do not have good intentions. It is also important to remember that mobile gambling may or may not be legal where you are; just as gambling from your laptop or desktop computer may or may not be legal. It is important to check the laws where you are to ensure that you are not breaking them. If you are in a country where this type of wagering is allowed then by all means have fun while practicing responsible gambling at all times. One thing is for sure, and that is the fact that casino gambling is growing in popularity not only in the brick and mortar world, but in the computer world and the mobile industry as well.

Best Jungle Themed New Netent Slots

The developers of the online casino games have to think a lot about the interest of the web users and online game players so that they can choose the theme of the game accordingly. Sometimes they find ideas from the latest trends and events happening in the world while other times they build some games just for the change of taste and to provide variation to the player. Jungle themed games slots by netent are fascinating to look and play that is why many players search for these games. You can try the newest online slot websites at newslotsites.info, and you can try this great games how works.

We have three famous jungle themed slot games described as under:

Jungle Trouble

This jungle themed slot game contains 15 pay lines where the player looks for ‘acorn scatter’ symbol. Free spins are offered in case the player ends up by spotting more than three symbols on the reel. Players are also provided with three features to choose any one of their choice which includes Highest Payout Mode, Coconut Multiplier, and the Wild Nudge.

Heart of the Jungle

Heart of the jungle is second most famous jungle themed slot game. One of the captivating part of this game is that it includes popular characters Tarzan, Jane along with elephants, parrots, tigers, and chimpanzees. A ‘Wild’ symbol represents this game. The ‘Shield’ symbol triggers the bonus. Each time the player hits the feature, a new level of slot game is activated. In case the player desires to collect the bonus or payout, he receives a notification from the ‘Achievement’ feature. If anyone manages to successfully gather a total of 64, the player will become the King of the Jungle.

Fortunes of the Fox

Another jungle themed slot is ‘Fortunes of the Fox’. This gaming slot contains a hound and a fox wherein the first one is tend to be the wild symbol. This will activate the ‘Bonfire’ feature and will stretch 15 free spins for the player which ultimately boosts the payout. This game allows the player to re-trigger this feature. The player can get ‘Lucky Grapes bonus’ in case the scatter symbol appears three or more than three times on the reels. The fox will then use a trampoline to get lots of grapes. The bonus credits directly depends upon the quantity of grapes collected. The more grapes you collect, the higher your bonus will be.

Best Card Games

When we talk about the best card games then the question come into the mind that what is meant by best card game? All the card games are best on their sides. There is no specific game which is better than other. Here, I will discuss some of the card games which seem to be best. These are the games which are being played as a gambling in the online casinos. Top online casinos at this page in which people have to login on the computer. If the person is having the internet facility then he can become the member of online casino very easily. Now let us discuss some of the best card games which are as follow.

Blackjack is the best card game because of many reasons. This is the only game which is widely played in many of the casino which is online. As many people know that this game is not so much difficult but it only needs practice. The person who is good in playing blackjack has very much advantage because he becomes the regular winner of that casino. The main advantage of casinos are that they give many of the useful packages to their regular customers and along with that packages they also give the discount to the gamblers. Blackjack is the card game in which people have the power to take all type of decisions they want and through this game many people win lots of money.

Another benefit of casinos are that, the money you win can be used in two ways like it depend on the person that he wants to withdraw that money or he has to play more games with that money. Another reason of best card games is that if the person play this game online then the should obviously win that game because the person can not do or do not go for the wrong turn that is why blackjack game is having lots of benefits.

Another best card game is Baccarat. This is amongst the best card game because this is also the favorite of the James bond too. Baccarat is also one of the easiest game of the casino in fact it is the game in which betting is takes place. This is very interesting game because it can be found at most all of the casinos and played by both of the gender. Or this game there is the need of intelligent person because the ordinary person can not able to play the game as this game specifically needs the practice. Best card games are those which are widely used in many of the casinos. Now days there are many people who want to play different games because they think that this is the part of the fashion. When they do so they become more fashionable person of the world that is why they play the best card games and try their level best for winning that game.

Which Are the Best Australian Bookmakers

The internet has enable bookmakers to have online sites to give better services and features, and convenience to bettors. They have accepted the growing importance of online business for the bookmaking industry, which is one of the keys to growth opportunities. This has given some unreliable and unlicensed bookmakers an opportunity to have their own betting sites to lure unsuspecting bettors. Bettors on these unreliable sites are tempted to place their bets with better odds offerings and bonuses but when a bet wins a big amount of money, payment is delayed or, at worst, not coming. Mostly, these unreliable sites are not licensed by the Australian Gambling Commission.

As each bookmaker has its own unique services and offers, bettors should check out the quality of support services, reviews, and opinion of betting experts. Betting preference is also a factor when choosing a bookmaker. For example, there are bookmakers that offer more and better options for football betting, especially on the FA Cup final being one the most popular choices by some bettors, or horse racing.

Australian Bookmakers

In the Australian, the biggest bookmakers are Ladbrokes Coral and William Hill respectively. Due to the recent merger of Ladbrokes and Gala Coral, the merged company overtook William Hill as the biggest bookmaker. These two bookmakers have small profit margin, which is advantageous to bettors. Betting in these two bookmakers, considering their status and reliable reputation in the bookmaking industry, is safe and secure. Placing a bet and withdrawing winnings is easy and convenient. They have a professional support team available twenty-four hours a day via phone call, live chat, and direct email to help with issues that concern a bettor. Issues are resolved as soon as possible and email response is within 1-2 hours. Ladbrokes Coral has a live chat option in several languages (English, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Turkish, Greek, Portuguese, Thai, Bulgarian, Croatian, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Slovak, Czech, and Russian).

More about Playtech

Playtech casinos are very well known in the gambling industry for being safe and reliable. They give player access to some amazing quality games and offer some high payouts and other bonuses. New games are constantly coming out from Playtech to keep their edge in the very competitive industry and to keep customers coming back for more. However there are several things to consider before picking a UK casino to play at. Bonuses are one thing to consider. Almost every casino offers a signup bonus but potential players also need to look at other bonuses that are available. Playtech casinos usually offer a good variety of bonuses. Game selection is the next thing to take into consideration when comparing Playtech casinos. Most Playtech casinos offer a variety of over 200 games. Games will vary from online casino to casino even if they are powered by Playtech. This is because the owners of the casinos decide which games they would like to feature on their sites. Playtech casinos also cater to many different international players. For this reason they have a wide variety of payment methods that include some of the most popular ones.

Playtech casinos are very popular in the online gaming world. They offer great game play that players will definitely not be disappointed with. Playtech has earned a great reputation and is one of the most trusted gaming software companies in the industry. They are constantly striving to make improvements and offer new and exciting things. Live dealers are one of the most recent additions to Playtech casinos. This has attracted many new players to various casinos. The majority of Playtech casinos will have a least a couple of options for live dealers. If you are looking for a great gaming experience Playtech casinos are a great choice.

Different Varieties in Live Blackjack Playtech Casinos

Blackjack is one of the most popular offerings of Playtech Casinos. The game can be played from almost every country in the world and with its realistic graphics along with a long list of features that enhance the user experience; the game offers one of the best online blackjack playing experience.

playtech casino

The Live Blackjack can be played in a variety of modes include single, multi-player and private table with the chat feature on. Other than that the standard Playtech casinos offerings such as sounds, chat with the dealer, different camera views of the game are the features available to every user. Other than the general Live Blackjack Playtech casinos features, there are different varieties in the game as well. The lines below discuss briefly the different varieties in live Blackjack Playtech casinos.

Blackjack Surrender:

The first game available for variety lovers is Blackjack surrender. The general rules of the game are the same, except for the fact that the dealer stands at soft 17 and keeps on looking for any Blackjack that might come to the table. In addition to the soft 17 dealer, the other thing with Blackjack surrender is that it comes with a progressive jackpot. The cards that are dealt to the players give them the chance to win the progressive jackpot, which increases with every player joining the table.

Blackjack Switch:

The other variety is Blackjack Switch. This game of Blackjack is slightly different from the standard Blackjack game. In this game the player gets two hands dealt in addition to the option of player being able to switch the top card in order to make a stronger hand. Other than this primary difference, there are other differences as well that are listed in the rules section of the game. Therefore, make sure that before joining the game you have gone through the rules.

The playtech casino games can be played live on the browser as well as by downloading the software, in both the cases you get the option of interacting with the dealer and the rest of the players on the table, no matter whichever game you chose to play.