Best Jungle Themed New Netent Slots

The developers of the online casino games have to think a lot about the interest of the web users and online game players so that they can choose the theme of the game accordingly. Sometimes they find ideas from the latest trends and events happening in the world while other times they build some games just for the change of taste and to provide variation to the player. Jungle themed games slots by netent are fascinating to look and play that is why many players search for these games. You can try the newest online slot websites at, and you can try this great games how works.

We have three famous jungle themed slot games described as under:

Jungle Trouble

This jungle themed slot game contains 15 pay lines where the player looks for ‘acorn scatter’ symbol. Free spins are offered in case the player ends up by spotting more than three symbols on the reel. Players are also provided with three features to choose any one of their choice which includes Highest Payout Mode, Coconut Multiplier, and the Wild Nudge.

Heart of the Jungle

Heart of the jungle is second most famous jungle themed slot game. One of the captivating part of this game is that it includes popular characters Tarzan, Jane along with elephants, parrots, tigers, and chimpanzees. A ‘Wild’ symbol represents this game. The ‘Shield’ symbol triggers the bonus. Each time the player hits the feature, a new level of slot game is activated. In case the player desires to collect the bonus or payout, he receives a notification from the ‘Achievement’ feature. If anyone manages to successfully gather a total of 64, the player will become the King of the Jungle.

Fortunes of the Fox

Another jungle themed slot is ‘Fortunes of the Fox’. This gaming slot contains a hound and a fox wherein the first one is tend to be the wild symbol. This will activate the ‘Bonfire’ feature and will stretch 15 free spins for the player which ultimately boosts the payout. This game allows the player to re-trigger this feature. The player can get ‘Lucky Grapes bonus’ in case the scatter symbol appears three or more than three times on the reels. The fox will then use a trampoline to get lots of grapes. The bonus credits directly depends upon the quantity of grapes collected. The more grapes you collect, the higher your bonus will be.